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Meditation Spell Box Gift Set
Meditation Charm Bags; Boxes and Jar's  are an excellent Gift for the person you believe has everything.   They are unique and the right price range can be negotiated by agreement.   Please visit our services to view the range of spells available or contact us to make your special unique requests. 




See Table below for cost of Service




Tarot Reading.
One (1) hour duration.
(After 1 hour, $1.00 per minute thereafter).
Group Spiritual & Tarot Readings at Markets. 20 minutes. $40.00
Group Spiritual & Tarot Readings at your Private Residence. 20 minutes. $60.00
Reiki Healing. 30 minutes to 1 hour duration. $90.00
Spell Craft Workshops Comming Soon TBA
Numerology. No limit. $50.00
Crystal Ball Readings. No limit. $90.00
Meditation (By arrangement). By arrangement on group size. By negotiation.
Meditation Charm Bags; Jars & boxes (New age products). By negotiation. By negotiation.
Reiki Healing
Reiki is an ancient healing art, which channel's universal life energy; this is the energy that surrounds each living soul on the planet.   Reiki is not a religion nor affiliated with any particular religion though it is a deeply spiritual practice.   Reiki brings the body and mind into a even balance and works on all levels: spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.   Reiki encourages self healing, strengthens body and soul and opens blocks.   Balances the Chakras, rebuilds harmony and flows in unlimited quantity.   Reiki complements all other healing modalities and is extremely beneficial to those who heal and care for others.
Sandi has gained qualifications as follows: 
  • Basic Course (The Haughton Reiki Network) Usui Shiki Ryoho, Victoria 20 May 2003;
  • Advanced Course (The Haughton Reiki Network) 27 Jul 2003; and
  • Reiki Master/Teacher (College of Mind, Body & Spirit) Queensland 19 Sep 2004.
Sandi from a very early age (whilst still attending school) knew that she had a special gift and could sense things (i.e "see the aura around other people") and thought that this was normal for everyone.   Sandi then made a firm commitment to commence an introduction to Tarot Reading with Liz Collins of Victoria over a period of eight years from 1991 - 1999.   Sandi continued to self develop and seek guidance with Liz Collins (Liz Rose) over this period travelling throughout Victoria seeking guidance and attending Psychic Development Training.   From 2000 to 2004 Sandi continued self development then fulfilled her goal by attending the Aquarian Spiritual Learning Centre to gain The Masters in Tarot.   Sandi has enrolled and continues Psychic Development (On-going) with the Learning Centre on a regular basis.   Examples of these teachings can be viewed on a regular basis at the Berwick Spiritualist Church on alternate Sundays.
Meditation Spell Box & Charm Bags   
? What would you like to attract into your life!   (Spells by Sandi) Meditation Spells include:
  • Love,
  • Confidence,
  • Happy Children,
  • Sense of Wellbeing,
  • Enhance Harmony,
  • Peace,
  • Relaxation,
  • Happiness,
  • Cut the Ties,
  • Happy Garden,
  • Content Home Life,
  • Good Sleep,
  • Good Dreams, and
  • Attract Good Fortune.   + Many Many More.
Meditation Spells especially designed for you!   All items in the meditation boxes are unique and no two designed boxes are alike (except the generic meditation boxes).